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FAQs – Easy Shield


What surfaces does Easy Shield protect?

Easy Shield can be used on Stainless Steel, Chrome, Polished Brass and Aluminium.

What is the coverage of a 250ml Bottle?

On average around 20m2.

What’s the difference between Easy Shield, Stainless cleaner and traditional polishes?

Easy Shield does both jobs in one application. Both cleans the stainless and puts a protective coating which allows water to bead, providing months of protection. Cleaners and polishes only do one job. It is also better at getting into and protecting tight areas where buffing with a conventional polish would be impossible.

What is the best way to apply the Easy Shield?

Depends on the item being cleaned and protected. We generally recommend the use of microfibre cloths or a paint brush for tight areas. Applying a thin uniform coating allows the product to cloud then rub over with a clean cloth. For larger flat surfaces a cloth is fine for application. Again apply a thin coating and let it cloud/dry then rub off with a clean cloth.

How long does Easy Shield Last?

Depends on the environment it is being used in. We recommend re-application after 6-9 months. This time frame was based on a salt water marine environment that had all stainless and chrome treated and fully exposed to the weather. It was reapplied before any signs of deterioration to avoid having to start the cleaning process again.

What preparation is required before using the Easy Shield?

Make sure the surface is clean, free from other products and dry before application. Do not apply to hot metal.