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12 x Fortis AD512 – Tactile Adhesive


FORTIS AD512 is a universal adhesive paste to glue concrete block, floorboards, strip flooring, yellow tongue, sound-insulating rubber, traffic control tactiles and timber to steel.

Size: 12 x 700g

In stock


FORTIS AD512 is a single component, moisture curing polyurethane construction adhesive with low odour. It is recommended for bonding porous substrates to non-porous substrates. Excellent for where high bond strength is required. Suitable to use on slightly damp substrates. Note: product foams slightly so clamping or suitable weight is required.

Excellent bond strengthRapid cureGood wet grab an initial holdSuitable for intermittent immersion service in water once curedLow odourDesigned to expand

See more information and datasheets for Fortis AD512 on the Fortis website.