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ConcreteShield™ AcrylaPave Paving Sealer


When looking for a Paving Sealer, a hard wearing, protective low VOC waterbased sealer like AcrylaPave is recommend.

Size: 15L
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Concrete Shield™ AcrylaPave is a fast-drying acrylic paving sealer. It provides a protective gloss layer which provides resistance to oil, grease, dust and dirt.

Concrete Shield™ AcrylaPave Sealer – Premium fast-drying acrylic sealer that dries clear. It provides a protective semi-gloss look film leaving the concrete substrate resistant to oil, grease, dust and dirt. It has excellent wear resistance and protects concrete from weathering. Typically it is used on concrete driveways and for sealing factory floors.

Low Odour Eco friendly VOC free Fast drying Easy to apply Non-yellowing Clear gloss finish Wet-look Excellent durability

See more information and datasheets for ConcreteShield™ AcrylaPave Paving Sealer on the Fortis website.