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Rust Remover Concentrate


Rusted Solutions™ Rust Remover Concentrate makes light work of heavy rust removal. Dilute 5:1 to make-up ready to use Soak.

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Rust Remover Concentrate is an efficient method of producing Rusted Solutions Soak to remove rust safely and effectively without the need for harsh scrubbing or sanding.
Simply fully submerge your rusted tools, auto parts, cast iron or antiques in the Soak. It will not damage good paint, rubber, plastic or timber.

Removes heavy rust to bare metal1l makes 6l of Ready to Use Rust Remover SoakRe-usable. 6l holds 520g of dry rustNon-CorrosiveNon-HazardousBiodegradableVOC Free

For best results, Clean rusted items of dirt, oil, grease, and loose rust scales. Simply soak, rinse and reuse!

Check out our FAQs for application tips.

Safety Datasheet

Rusted Solutions Concentrate – Safety Data Sheet


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1L Concentrate (Makes 6L), 5L Concentrate (Makes 30L), 20L Concentrate (Makes 120L), 200L Concentrate (Makes 1200L)