Plymouth with rust
In 2011 I bought these 2 from Ebay (just going off photos as they were 1200 k’s away) for a good price at the time. The advert gave the impression that from the two one good car could be built.
Then they arrived and everything was rusted/seized. The beige one had pretty much no floor and the “donor” floor wasn’t there either. At that stage I found out that parts were near impossible to get. So I went looking for products that could remove the rust completely without converting it. Nothing was available commercially in Australia at the time which was any good. I tried the molasses but it was too slow and stank plus the other tricks all over the internet but nothing worked really well for all applications.
So with two piles of rust in my backyard the experiments began. Skip ahead two years and the Rust Remover Soak was born.
Rust Remover Soak hit the market starting industrially, then onto local Councils and Sports Stadiums etc. The Rust Remover Gel came later and was initially developed for Main Roads in WA and QLD to remove rust from hard to access areas in bridges.
In 2015 we decided to see if we could get a few stores selling the products in the Capitol Cities and before we knew it we had over 600 across Australia.
We make the products, we have used them in hundreds of applications since 2012. If you need advice on a certain application please dont hesitate to contact us.
Thank you if you actually made it to the bottom of this about us section