Rusted Solutions Gel has the ability to cling to vertical, rusted surfaces making it the perfect choice for difficult applications. Simply brush on. 

Like out Soak the Gel is also non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable, and contains no acids or alkalis. The Gel will not damage good chrome, paint, rubber, plastic, gel coat or timber.

The Gel is fantastic for removing rust from hard to access places. Areas where you don’t want to cause damage to the surrounding area. The end result is clean bare metal for proper surface preparation.

Available from 500g tubs through to 20L buckets. As a guide, 1kg of gel does 1 square metre of heavy rust.


Rust Remover Gel vs. Rust Converter (Phosphoric Acid based products)

Rust Converters “convert” or glue the rust to the surface of the item before being painted over. Rust Converters are designed for quick jobs where the end finish is not important. We give you clean metal to allow for proper surface preparation therefore a better end result as nothing is trapped between the paint and the metal. Our Rust Remover Gel removes rust completely and cleans items from the inside out.

How does the Gel compare with sand blasting? 

Sand blasting as with Rust Converters are great for some applications. Some sandblasters use our products to access the areas that they can not get their guns into. Sandblasting is just a surface cleaning procedure which does not penetrate inside the items. It can in some cases dent, warp or blow holes through the item. Rust Remover Gel can clean the most delicate items without causing damage.

Do I need to dismantle items using the Gel? 

The Gel is a rust remover for the surface of the object and does not penetrate. If you are wanting to clean inside the item it will need to be dismantled or try our Rust Remover Soak. If alloys are present remove them or cover them with Petroleum Jelly before submerging. If this is not an option you can still clean the item but monitor the progress and take the item out if any reaction with the alloy occurs.

Will the Gel Remove Heavy Rust? 

Any level of rust can be removed although we suggest mechanically removing as much as possible before applying the Gel. This will speed up the process and give you a longer run out of the product.

Can items be submerged into the Gel? 

Technically yes but it is not recommended as the Gel does not penetrate like the Soak. This would also mix new and used product into the same container.

Will it affect chrome, paint, timber, rubber or plastic? 

The Gel will not affect good chrome,  good paint, timber, rubber or plastic. If the rust is under chrome and paint it can lift it as the rust is holding it on. Some paints also contain oxides that may be affected. Test a small area if this is of concern.

Will it clean Chrome such as mag wheels etc? 

Yes brilliantly. Compared to the cost of re-chroming this is a great way to renew old mags. Once the rust is gone, wash with water and dry the item. Then use a high quality car polish to keep them looking good. As with paint if there is heavy rust some chrome may be removed in the process. We have done a lot of these and the end result has always been a dramatic improvement.

Will the Gel remove paint/chrome? 

Only if the rust is under the paint/chrome.

Does the Gel work on items other than metal?

 Yes, it has been used to remove old rust stains from the Gel Coat on Boats and rust stains from epoxy style floors such as the ones mainly seen in hospitals. It also has been used to remove blood stains from non-porous surfaces.

Will the Gel Clean remove rust stains from Tiles, paving or concrete? 

In most cases no. We have had some good results with porcelain tiles and ceramics but the balance have had 50/50 results.

What is the coverage for the Gel? 

500g will do around 1/2 a square meter.

Does the Gel work on Stainless steel? 

Yes, it works brilliantly to remove rust/tea staining from Stainless Steel. For light Rust and Tea Staining we recommend our Easy Clean Product.

Are there any metals that I should not try to clean with the Gel?

Yes, some alloys will react and will be etched by the product. If alloys are present remove them or cover them with before use.

Will the Gel remove oxidation off aluminium? 

No it is not designed for use with Aluminium.

Will the Gel un-seize items? 

No, it is for removal of rust from the surface. For seized items please see our Rust Remover Soak.

How long does the Gel take to do the job?

 Very light rust may be as quick as half an hour to an hour and heavy rust up to 12 hours. The Gel should start changing colour within an hour which means the rust is being removed.

How can I make the Gel last longer? 

Less rust in the Gel the longer it lasts. Remove as much rust as possible via mechanical means before starting the process.

How long is the shelf life?

 We have product in the warehouse that has been sitting for 18 months and it is still working. Over time some white spotting may occur but that does not affect the operation of the product.

How many times can I use the Gel before it stops working?

It depends on the amount of rust absorbed into the Gel. The Gel will change from Blue to Green then Black when exhausted. If the Gel is not black it can be used again, the second use is slower than the first but it will still work.

What Safety Gear is Required? 

We recommend gloves and safety glasses as a precaution only.

Is Rust Remover Gel Dangerous to use? 

Rust Remover Gel is not a harsh acid but we recommend wearing gloves and goggles as the Gel contains a blue dye that will stain skin.

What do I do when the rust is gone?

Wash the item with water and dry it. The end protective coating depends on the type of item being cleaned. For all tools without sharp edges we like clear coat paint, tools with sharp edges like saws and files etc we use machine oil and if painting etch primer or cold galv. For a short term solution WD40 etc can be used.

Does the Gel create a protective coating? 

No, the Gel leaves you with clean bare metal which will rust again quickly. As per the instructions the item is to be dried and coated with a protective coating of your choice straight after being cleaned.

What happens if I leave the Gel on too long? 

It will have removed as much rust as can be absorbed into the Gel and then dried out and set hard. Place a wet rag or sponge over the Gel and let it sit for 5 minutes to reabsorb the moisture then wash off.

What should I do with the Gel when I have finished using it? 

Don’t mix old and new gel. If the Gel has not turned black place it into another container or zip lock bag for a second application.

How do I dispose of the spent Gel? 

Whilst the product is environmentally friendly please consider any contaminants that may have been dissolved into the product and dispose of accordingly.

Will the Gel remove Bluing from firearms? 

Yes it will as bluing is actually a form of rust.


The Rust was not removed. 

This only happens when there is a barrier between the Gel and the rust; for example grease, oil or the surface has been previously treated with another product. Remove the barrier and the Gel will work every time.

The Gel dried out and went hard. 

This only happens when the instructions have not been followed correctly and the Gel has been left on too long. Simply keep the surface wet with a saturated sponge or towel etc for around 5 minutes to allow the gel to reabsorb the moisture.

Click here for safety data sheet Rust Remover Gel – SDS