FAQs - Gel & Soak

Rust Solutions Gel or Soak vs. Rust Converter (Phosphoric Acid based products)

Rusted Solutions™ Gel or Soak will leave you with clean bare metal, ready for immediate treatment or painting. Our Rusted Solutions™ Gel or Soak remove rust completely and cleans items from the inside out. Rust Converters “convert” or glue the rust to the surface of the item before being painted over. Rust Converters are designed for quick jobs where the end finish is not important. They will leave the surface black.

How does the Rusted Solutions™ Gel and Soak compare with sand blasting?

Sand blasting, as with rust converters, are great for specific applications. Some sandblasters use our products to access the areas that they can not get their guns into. Sandblasting is just a surface cleaning procedure which does not penetrate inside the items. It can in some cases dent, warp or blow holes through the item. Rust Solutions™ Gel or Soak will remove rust from the most delicate items without causing damage.

What surfaces are safe to use with Rusted Solution™ Gel or Soak?

Rusted Solutions™ rust removers will not affect chrome, paint, timber, rubber, plastic or fibreglass. It can also be used to remove rust from epoxy flooring, ceramics, walls and clothing.
For chrome in poor condition, test a small area as the rust may be holding it on and the rust remover will dissolve the rust. Paints with oxide base pigments should be tested to ensure no colour bleaching. Always test a small area.

Which is better for Heavy Rust? The Gel or Soak?

The level of rust and the ability to submerge the rusted item will determine which is the better choice. Any level of rust can be removed by both products. For items that can be submerged, Rusted Solutions™ Soak is the product of choice. Rusted Solutions™ Gel will require a little more preparation and prevention from drying out, but is suitable for items that cannot be dismantled or put into a bath.

Which will work better, the Gel or Soak to unseize rusted items?

The Rusted Solutions™ Soak is very fluid and works its way into the smallest of rusted crevices dissolving it back to bare metal. As such it is the preferred choice. Rusted Solutions™ Soak has been used to remove rust to unseize engines, tools and bolt threads making them free and work like new. Rusted Solutions™ Gel is not fluid enough to work its way into seized threads, tools or engine blocks.

What preparation is required for the Rusted Solution™ Gel and Soak?

It is best to ensure the item is free of grease, oils, waxes and then remove any loose dirt and other contaminants before applying the Gel or submerging in the Soak. Make sure to remove all of the degreaser before treating as you don’t want to contaminate the remover.

How long does it take for the Rusted Solutions™ Gel or Soak to work?

Rusted Solutions™ Gel starts working within an hour. You will notice a change in colour from blue to green which means the rust is being removed. If the item is heavily rusted it may need a repeated application or left longer. Rusted Solutions™ Soak will work within 1 hour. For heavy rust it is ok to leave overnight.

How to keep the item removed of rust?

Wash the item with water and dry it. The end protective coating depends on the type of item being cleaned. For all tools without sharp edges we like clear coat paint, while tools with sharp edges like saws and files etc we use machine oil. If painting, use an etch primer or cold galv. For a short term solution WD40 etc can be used.

Do I need to dismantle items before soaking them?

No, complete items can be soaked to assist in dis-assembly. The Rusted Solutions™ Soak is safe on most items. If alloys are present remove them or cover them with Petroleum Jelly before submerging. If this is not an option you can still clean the item but monitor the progress and take the item out if any reaction with the alloy occurs.