Degrease / clean

Remove loose rust, dirt, grease and other contaminants. The cleaner your item is to start with the longer the solution will last and the faster it will work.


Place the item in a plastic container (do not use metal). Plastic bottles filled with water are a good way to use less and raise the product level if required.

Remove Loose Rust

Take out the item occasionally and brush with water or a pressure washer to remove the loose rust. Less rust in the product the longer it lasts and this will also speed up the process.  

Clean Metal

Once the item is free from rust thoroughly clean with water and dry. You now have clean metal to give you a great base for the end treatment.


Build the box

This is a great way to do odd shaped items using a small amount of product as there is no wasted space. Make a box or use a plastic tub etc.

Sand in

Put in some wet sand and push your item in to create an indent. Allow 10mm around the item and line with a few layers of plastic wrap.

Plastic Wrap

Add the “Soak” and make sure that there is clearance around the item specially if there are sharp edges like saws. Learnt that the hard way 🙂

Job Done

Once the item is clean and dry treat it as required for bare metal. Remove the “Soak” and put it into a sealed container to use again if it isnt exhausted.


Rusty Springs

Being only 20mm long getting the rust out of these mechanically would be impossible.

Place in Zip Lock

Once degreased etc place the items in a zip lock bag and pour in the Soak.

Hang the bag

As with the other methods you can take the items out occasionally to remove the loose rust.

Job Done

The items have been washed with water and in this case clear coated to stop the rust coming back.


Shopping List

These are the items required for this method. The straight pipe is held over the bolt with silicone, fit the elbow and fill with Rust Remover Soak.

Parts fitted to remove water pump bolts

This is a great way to penetrate into even the toughest thread and works on the same concept as submersion where the product works its way through the rust.  

Broken bolt removed

Even for the heaviest rust most applications are overnight. The customer that came up with this concept and sent us the photos left it for 2 days and then wound the bolt out by hand.