The Shower/Pump re-circulation method really is simple and enables you to access places which would be impossible by mechanical means. All you have to do is keep the rust wet with the Rust Remover Soak long enough for it to work its magic.


  • Rust Remover Soak
  • 12v Bilge Pump (Cheap on Ebay)
  • 12v Transformer
  • Low point for the pump to be located. (Could be a plastic tub or low point on some plastic sheet or tarp)
  • Plastic sheet or tarp to direct the flow back to the pump
  • Pipe
  • Shower Head or Spreader Bar or just leave the end of the pipe open depending on your application


All set up

Pump in collection point and channel used to catch the soak.

Rusty Roof section

Of course this is just to show how the system works and removes rust. 

Rust Remover Soak Flowing

Rust Remover Soak is flowing over the rust back into the channel below.

Rust Gone

All that remains is clean metal, the original paint and primer.


EH Holden on Rotisserie

Same concept as above. Our customer used plastic sheet under the car through to a trough he dug outside the door where the pump sat.

Spraying the "Soak"

Irrigation sprinkers were attached to a timber frame and the car was rotated allowing the “Soak” to penetrate into areas you couldnt see let alone access.

Back on the Road

September 2017 she was back on the road and as good as if not better than the day she left the factory. Thanks for the photos Benny.


Industrial Unit

Ultrasonic Tanks are awesome with the Rust Remover Soak to rip rust off fast.

Rusted Part

Without Ultrasonics this part would be like new in a few hours.

Clean Part

With Ultrasonics this part was clean in minutes.

Ultrasonics Engineering Pty Ltd are a Sydney based manufacturer of custom made  Ultrasonic tanks. Rusted Solutions “Soak” has been extensively tested for use within their tanks and proven to give fantastic results. 

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