Shower/Pump Rust Removal Methods


Shower/Pump System

Set Up

The “Soak” simply flows over the rusted item back to a low point and re-circulates.


As long as the item is kept wet with the “Soak” the rust will be removed.

Rust Gone

The rust is removed just leaving old paint. Paint only comes off if the rust is under it.

Shopping List – 

¤  Rust Remover Soak

¤  Pump

¤  Pipe

¤  Shower Head (If reuqired)

¤  Plastic Sheet

¤  Plastic Tub

Pump – we like to use 12v Bilge Pumps (On-line for around $25) or 12v Camp Showers (I like the Primus red ones from the camping stores at around $40). The great thing about the camp showers is they come complete with pump, pipe and shower head. Do not use a pond pump, they are generally useless.

Shower Head – If you want to alter the direction of the flow you can use a shower head, block the end of a pipe and punch holes along it as a spreader or irrigation sprinklers. 

Plastic Sheet – a lot of tarps are not fully waterproof nor is garden black plastic (yes learnt those the hard way :). Bear that in mind when selecting the right one.

Plastic Tub – this is the low point for the pump. Soft drink bottles filled with water placed around the pump are a good idea to raise the level of the product.


  1. Remove all grease and dirt etc before starting. The cleaner your item is to start with the longer your solution will last and the faster it will work.
  2. Set up your Pump, Pipe, Sump and collection method (Tarp, Inflatable Pool or plastic sheet etc)
  3. Run clean water through the system and check for any leaks and make sure all water is finding its way back to the sump. Remember as the rust comes off it may expose other holes in the metal so try and allow for that when positioning the collection method.
  4. If there are any existing holes  you want to block a Hot Glue or silicone are good  options for applying an easily removable patch.
  5. Once you are happy with the set up drain the water and replace it with your mixed solution. If you are using concentrate mix the solution 4:1 using clean water (4 Parts Water to 1 Part Concentrate). 
  6.  Mark the height of the solution in the sump.
  7. Come back hourly to test the progress using a small brush against the rusted item.
  8. If some evaporation has occurred just add more water to the remaining solution to bring it back to the level of your original mark.
  9. This point is optional but prolongs the working life of the solution; when the brush exposes clean metal stop the pump and brush the wet area. Clean it up with a sponge and a bucket of clean water. Less Rust in the Solution again makes the solution last longer.
  10. Once your item is free from rust drain the solution into a bottle for re-use or dispose of it safely (whilst the product  is environmentally friendly, there may be different elements in the solution from the cleaning process)
  11. Wash the item thoroughly with a pressure washer or give it a rub over with steel wool and clean water. You now have clean new metal so treat it accordingly. 
  12. Clean everything including running clean water through the pipe and pump.
  13. Send your before and after photos to Rusted Solutions along with a note saying how happy you are with Rust Remover Soak 🙂 and load them to Facebook to show your friends 🙂