Rust Remover “Soak” removes unwanted rust from metals, unlike harsh acids.

Unlike rust converters that glue the rust to the surface “Rusted Solutions Soak” penetrates, dislodges rust, cleans and un-seizes rusted items. 

The Soak is a biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous formula that will not damage good chrome, paint, rubber, plastic, gel coat or timber.

Available in a range of sizes including ready to use or more convenient concentrate.


Rust Remover Liquid “Soak” vs Rust Converter 

Rust Converters “convert” or glue the rust to the surface of the item before being painted over. Rust Converters are designed for quick jobs where the end finish is not important. Rusted Solutions Rust Remover Liquid “Soak” gives you clean metal for proper surface preparation. You get a better end result as nothing is trapped between the paint and the metal. Our Rust Remover Soak removes rust completely and cleans items from the inside out.

How does Soak compare with sand blasting? 

Sand blasting as with Rust Converters are great for some applications. Some sandblasters use our products to access the areas that they cannot get their guns into. Sandblasting is just a surface cleaning procedure which does not penetrate inside the items. It can in some cases dent, warp or blow holes through the item. Rust Remover soak can clean the most delicate items without causing damage.

How does Soak compare to using Molasses?

 Its very similar in the way it works but there are a lot of differences. The Soak works overnight, doesn’t stink like vomit and can be run through a re-circulation system for large items you cant submerge. It doesn’t attract insects and comes as a re-usable Gel too for items that you don’t want to or can’t submerge. 

What preparation is required?

Degrease the item if grease and oil are present and then remove any loose rust, dirt and other contaminants before using the solution. Make sure to remove all of the degreaser before treating as you don’t want to contaminate the remover. The less junk in the solution the longer it lasts.

Do I need to dismantle items before soaking them?

 No, complete items can be soaked to assist in dis-assembly. The Rust Remover Soak is safe on most items. If alloys are present remove them or cover them with Petroleum Jelly before submerging. If this is not an option you can still clean the item but monitor the progress and take the item out if any reaction with the alloy occurs.

Will Soak Remove Heavy Rust?

 Yes, even heavy scale is no match for the Soak. We suggest mechanically removing as much as possible before soaking the item. This will speed up the process and give you a longer run out of the product.

Can the Soak be sprayed or brushed onto an item?

 No, the Soak is an organic product and takes time to work. The surface needs to be kept wet, please see our blogs for application methods.

Will it un-seize old tools like pliers or even engines?

 Yes. We have done engines, and got them operational overnight! Tools and other mechanisms will work like new again.

Will it affect chrome, paint, timber, rubber or plastic?

 The Soak will not affect good chrome,  good paint, timber, rubber or plastic. If the rust is under chrome and paint it can lift it as the rust is holding it on. Some paints may contain oxides that may be affected. Test a small area if this is of concern.

Will it clean Chrome such as mag wheels etc?

 Yes brilliantly. Compared to the cost of re-chroming this is a great way to renew old mags, chrome bumpers and anything chrome for that matter. Please see our blog on cleaning chrome.


The Rust was not removed.

This only happens when there is a barrier between the Soak and the rust; for example grease, oil or the surface has been previously treated with another product. Remove the barrier and the Soak will work every time.

I left the item in for days and nothing happened.

If you do not see a noticeable difference within an hour again there is some type of barrier. There is no benefit in leaving items in the Soak for an extended period of time.

My item turned black.

 This often happens when cleaning high carbon steel like drill bits and saws or what the item has been left in too long. Simply clean the item with water and a light rub with steel wool.

Click here for safety data sheet Rust Remover Soak – SDS