Easy Clean Chrome and Stainless Steel Cleaner was originally designed specifically for use by local councils Australia Wide. They were looking for an environmentally friendly organic option to easily remove tea staining from stainless steel items such as balustrades and hand rails etc.

We decided to put the product on the market for commercial and domestic use and people love it.

Not only does Easy Clean remove the tea staining easily it doesn’t damage anything in the surrounding area so is ideal for marine and home use. 

Our Easy Shield protective coating compliments the Easy Clean as a second step protecting the surface for up to a year.

For heavy staining or serious rust, please consider our Rust Remover Gel and Rust Remover Soak.


Easy Clean vs. Conventional Cleaners. 

Easy Clean is a derivative of our Rust Removal products and targets light Rust on any metal and Tea Staining on Stainless Steel. It is an environmentally friendly cleaner as opposed to most products which are a harsh acid.

Easy Clean vs. Polishes. 

Easy Clean is designed to remove light rust and tea staining without the use of abrasives used within polishes. It is also better at getting into and cleaning tight areas. Once the item is clean then apply polish or our Easy Shield to protect the surface.

What preparation is required before using the Easy Clean? 

De-grease the item if grease and oil are present, then remove any loose rust, dirt and other contaminants before using Easy Clean. Make sure the surface is dry before application.

What is the best way to apply the Easy Clean? 

Depends on the item being cleaned, we generally use a brush for tight areas like stainless turnbuckles and a kitchen sponge (Yellow & Green on each side) for straight runs. Apply a thin uniform coating, let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then wash it off with water. For heavier stains let the product sit for 10-20 minutes then use the green side of the kitchen sponge and gently rub along the grain (for stainless steel)

Will it clean Chrome such as mag wheels etc? 

Yes brilliantly for light rust, for heavy rust please consider our Rust Remover Gel or Soak.

Will Easy Clean Remove Heavy Rust? 

No, it is designed for light rust and tea staining. For heavy rust please consider our Soak and Gel products.

Will it affect chrome, paint, timber, rubber or plastic? 

No, It has no effect on these materials.

Does the Easy Clean work on items other than metal? 

Yes, it has been used to remove rust stains from the Gel Coat on Boats and will work on most non-porous surfaces. If the rust has been baked on by the sun or there for some time I would recommend the  Rusted Solutions Rust Remover Gel

Are there any materials that I should not try to clean with the Easy Clean? 

Easy Clean is designed to clean light rust from and tea staining. While we have had success with other materials we suggest always testing a small inconspicuous area before cleaning the whole item.

Will the Easy Clean remove oxidation off aluminium? 

No it is not designed for use with Aluminium.

How long does the Easy Clean take to do the job? 

Light rust can be removed instantly, if this is not the case leave the Easy Clean on for 5-10 minutes then wash the surface with water. Should there be no change to the surface there is either a barrier in the way or our Rust Remover Gel may be required.

How long is the shelf life? 

We have product in the warehouse that has been sitting for over 2 years and it is still working. Over time some white spotting may occur but that does not affect the operation of the product.

What Safety Gear is Required? 

We recommend gloves and safety glasses as a precaution.

Is Easy Clean Dangerous to use? 

We recommend wearing gloves and goggles as the Easy Clean contains a blue dye that will stain skin.

What do I do when the item is clean? 

Wash the item with water and dry it. The end protective coating depends on the item being cleaned. For Chrome and Stainless Steel we recommend our Easy Shield Product.

Does it create a protective coating? 

No, Easy Clean is a cleaner so after the item has been cleaned use your preferred protective product. For Stainless Steel and Chrome we recommend Rusted Solutions Easy Shield.


The Rust/Tea staining was not removed. 

Easy Clean is not designed to remove heavy rust, for heavy rust try out Soak and Gel Products. If it is only light rust and tea staining that is not cleaning off there must be a barrier in the way like oil or grease etc. Remove the barrier and the product will work.

The Easy Clean dried out and went hard

The only happens when the instructions have not been followed correctly. If this problem as occurred simply keep the surface wet with a saturated sponge or towel etc for around 5 minutes to allow the Easy Clean to reabsorb the moisture.

Click here for safety data sheet Easy Clean – SDS