In 2011 I bought a 1954 Plymouth that had been sitting in the weather for many years. “Rust in the shape of a car” was the comment from my father, but It’s good to have a project and I wanted to learn how to form metal and weld etc. The Floors were barely there and anything that could rust had.

After getting the car apart the ordeal of cleaning every little piece was ahead of me, so I went off to the shops to buy products to remove the rust and being such a big job decided to get one of everything on the shelf and got stuck into it. 

The problem was, that nothing was removing the rust, it was just making a bigger mess. I couldn’t get into the door mechanisms, springs were impossible and I was creating more work for myself using the wire brush and grinder by having to later repair the items that I had cleaned.

So off to the internet we go! There were many housewives options so I started working through them. None of the preparations thoroughly cleaned the light rust and they didn’t work at all well on heavy rust. Next came a couple of rust removers from overseas suppliers one of which was quite good but very expensive and being I had a whole car to do the cost was going to get out of control.

After many months of trial and error we came up with an organic rust remover that washes rust away. It can go anywhere that the original moisture that made the damage went in the first place. Everything I could find went into the solution and I was amazed with the results. Seized items like door hinges came lose, Brake and Bonnet Springs look like new and even the drum brakes cleaned up without having to pull them apart. Using a re-circulation system cleaned the rusty old motor up changing it from Orange/Brown to Silver.

That was the Rust Remover Liquid “Soak” product that started the business in early 2013. Since then we have added the Rust Remover Gel, Easy Clean (for Chrome & Stainless) and Easy Shield to the range. We have continued to fill a niche place in the market with a range of our Aussie Made organic cleaners.

Rusted Solutions customers include over 200 Councils, Department of Main Roads, Sports Stadiums, Theme Parks, Schools, Zoos, Resorts, Marinas, Power Stations, Utility companies, small corporations and over 600 stores Australia wide retailing the products.